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SHRINK RULES Pattern Makers Shrinkage Rules are tools of great importance. We carry a very complete line of these.

BOXWOOD SHRINK RULES, No. 1602, $1.75; this Rule has on one side the Standard, together with the scales of k, 1, 11, 2 and 3 inches to ft. On the other side Single and Double shrinkage for Brass. The Nos. 1601 and 1602 are unusually fine in quality of wood and graduation. NOTE—In making patterns for aluminum castings the shrinkage to be allowed is 1 inch to ft. To obtain the relative weight of aluminum to copper, brass or steel, divide by 3.

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STEEL SHRINK RULES. The Steel Shrink Rules are carried in stock in 12 and 24 in. sizes.

2 FOOT STEEL RULE. This is a rule we sell large numbers of. It is used very extensively by blacksmiths and carriage makers. Is made of Steel, in. wide, with stop-joint and brass ends. We also have the same Rule in Spring Brass, at same price.

FOLDING STEEL POCKET RULE. These Rules are very neat and convenient for light work. Are made of Spring Steel, and will bend to a three-inch circle. They occupy but little space, and are easily carried in the vest pocket. Can furnish the above Folding Steel Pocket Rules, nicely Nickel Plated, at an additional expense of luc, 20c, 30c and 40c each for the 1, 2, 3 and 4 ft. sizes respectively. Can also furnish a neat stitched Leather Case for the 1 and 2 It, at $0.10 each; 3 and 4 ft., at $0.20 each.

MEASURING TAPES. In one of our earlier catalogues we made this statement: "Our Tape Lines are all warranted accurate." That was a good many years ago, and we know more about tapes now than we did then. All woven tapes, whether cotton, linen or metallic warp, are liable to shrink or stretch. The idea generally prevails that the warp in metallic tapes consists of fine brass or copper wires, but this is not the case ; it is tinsel wound on fine cotton thread. For accurate measurements, nothing but steel tapes can be depended upon Owing to the nature of material used, care should be taken to avoid short kinks in the steel tapes. Our Steel Tapes are all warranted accurate, and while we describe and price the line of those most generally sold, we can furnish steel tapes in almost endless variety as regards width, length, style of reel or case, and graduation. For many purposes the lower priced tapes are well adapted.

We must warn our readers against inferior Steel Tapes, of which the market is full, most of them being imported Tapes. We had occasion recently to test a tape line of German make, and found it to be nearly an inch short in 100 ft. At the same time three of our 100 ft. Steel Tapes were tested, and all found absolutely correct. We will guarantee our Steel Tapes not to vary more than ai,th of a ft. in 100 ft., although they will al-most invariably be found exactly right.

FRAME STEEL TAPE. This style of Tape is used largely by surveyors, and is considered especially advantageous on account of the open frame, rendering it more easily dried and kept free from rust. These have 4 in. steel tapes, nickel plated frames and trimmings, and patent folding flush handle.

STEEL POCKET TAPE, NICKEL CASE. The 12 ft. tape is in., the other sizes } in. wide.

SPECIAL STEEL POCKET TAPE. We also have a special Steel Tape for pocket, without spring, nickel case, flush handle. Is preferred by many on account of small size —diameter 21 and 21 in. A beautiful article; we sell many of them to be used as gifts.

STEEL MEASURING TAPE. This Tape is, we believe, superior in all respects to anything in this line yet produced; is absolutely accurate, and convenient to handle. Strong, durable and handsomely finished. Marked ft. and 12ths( inches and 8ths) or 10ths and 100ths of foot for surveyors' use. With double-folding flush handle , opened by pressing small pin or button on opposite side. Hard leather case, nickel plated trimmings. Tapes are # in. wide. Can furnish with nickel plated tapes at an advance of $1.00, $1.50, $1.75, and $2.00 respectively.
We can also supply, if desired, the Chesterman and nearly any other make of tape lines.

Steel measuring tapes, shrink rules & pocket rules