Steel wheel barrows with ball bearings 0110

LUMBER TRUCK WHEELS. These Wheels are very strong. The price list includes 4 Wheels, 2 Axles, 4 Boxes, and 8 Bolts for 10 inch timbers. The wheels run loose on axle, and are in position by the boxes on inside, and the washers and cotter-pin on the outside of wheel. Prices are based on 3 ft. gauge track. When ordering, give distance between track.

FIBRE ORDER TRUCK. These Cars are used largely by manufacturers and wholesale dealers in getting out country orders. This Is the standard truck for general factory use. . Frame and stakes made of dry maple, well joint-bolted together. Castings are strong, large wheels have solid shaft full width of truck Wheels revolve on shaft, allowing truck to be turned in its own length.

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No. 20 Factory Truck, $7.50 Similar to No. 2, but with Lon Corner Pockets, in which removable stakes are used.

The Caster revolves on steel rollers, or discs, and relieves all friction upon the pivot. or strain upon the fastening screw. Easy in action, strong, and durable. We price here the style shown in cut, with iron wheel. We can furnish allsizes up to 2 inch, with round plate, and with lignum vitae or brass wheels.

YALE CASTERS. We can furnish the Double-Wheel Yale Casters, in a variety of sizes, with wheels from 1 to 5 in.

STEEL AND BRASS BALLS. The use of Balls in machinery and other places to reduce friction, is as yet in its infancy, but when the proper application is better understood by designers, the number of places that will suggest themselves are legion.

HARDENED STEEL BALLS. These Balls are made from fine quality tool steel, hardened and ground, and do not vary more than TO1TB of an inch from the given size. The smaller sizes (up to 1'6 inch) are special Bicycle sizes. Of these sizes any number up to 100 can be sent by mail for 5 cents, postage. We can furnish intermediate sizes, also larger sizes up to 3 inches in diam.

BRASS BALLS. These are used in Ball Check Valves, and for many other purposes.

STEEL BARROWS. Steel Barrows are coming into very general use. They combine great strength and durability, with comparative lightness. For many kinds of work, a Steel Barrow will outwear six wooden ones ; they are now furnished at much lower prices than formerly.

STYLE A. The tray is pressed from a single piece of steel, and is so shaped and placed upon the frame as to bring the greater part of the load over the wheel.
We can furnish Stake Irons when desired, at $0.50 per set of 4. The bodies are made of dark red fibre, and the bands of hardwood. The sizes given here are the most commonly used. We can furnish other sizes when desired.

SQUARE TRAY BARROW. This style of Barrow is desirable for handling coal, ashes, etc. It dumps over the end, without running back on the operator.

Steel wheel barrows with ball bearings