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WRENCHES. We show here a few of the more useful styles of Wrenches for wood workers. In our Metal Workers' Catalogue entitled "A Book of Tools" (see page 744 of this book) we illustrate, price and describe twenty-eight styles of Wrenches in over 200 sizes.

COES KNIFE HANDLE WRENCH. This is the most popular high-grade wrench made. While there are a dozen or more good makes of wrenches, we believe that there are more Coos sold than all the others combined. Observe that the Bright wrenches cost but little more than the Black, and for obvious reasons are better.

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STARR WRENCH. This is an imitation of the old style Coes wrenches. It is what is commonly known as an "Agricultural" Wrench, we presume, from the fact that it is the kind of wrench that the implement manufacturers give away with threshing machines and corn shellers. The less said about quality the better. It is just the wrench for the man who expects to "lose it," or "have it stolen."

COMBINATION WRENCH. The Bemis & Call Combination Pipe Wrench is a most excellent tool for the carpenter who does general jobbing. These Wrenches are polished and finely finished. They are made of the best material, and parts are interchange-able. They are made with either short or long nut, but we no longer keep the short nut wrenches in stock, as the long sleeve nut is very much superior, and the difference in price is comparatively small.

THE '97 BICYCLE WRENCH. The above cut shows the latest and, we believe, the best of the small bicycle wrenches. Drop-forged of solid steel; length, 41 in.; weight, 54 oz.

HAND RAIL WRENCH. This tool is designed especially for stair builders; is made of malleable iron, with steel set screw.

STONE AND MARBLE CUTTERS' TOOLS. We illustrate here a line of the more commonly used Stone Cutters' tools; can furnish a great variety of tools for this class of work, also tools for Granite Cutters, and can furnish to order Special Tools. These tools are from 7 to 9 inches in length. In ordering, state whether for stone or marble. The size given signifies the size of steel bar from which the tools are made. All styles illustrated are the same price.

STONE CUTTERS' MALLETS. These are made of best quality second growth hickory, thoroughly seasoned.

SLATERS' TOOLS. Slaters' Hammers, all steel, with leather handles, price, each, $3.00.

Slaters' Stakes, lengths from 20 to 24 in., graduated.

Slaters' Rippers, best quality steel blades, average length 30 in., each, $2.50. The Rippers are sold quite largely to Carpenters, for tearing off shingles and ripping off old roofs of all kinds.

PLASTERING TROWEL. We carry in stock but one style and quality of Plastering Trowels, that is the celebrated Cincinnati Trowel. We are aware that for some purposes the lower priced trowels answer very well, but these can usually be procured at the local stores. Our Trowels are finely finished, have etched blades and walnut handles.

BRICK TROWEL. In Brick as in Plastering Trowels, we carry but the one style, that is the William Rose & Bro. Philadelphia pattern. These trowels are considered far superior to any other make, either foreign or domestic.

POINTING TROWELS. These are the William Rose & Bro., and are of the same quality as the Brick Trowels.

Stone, Marble & Slate Cutters Tools