In point of all the excellent qualities which go to make up a first-class machine, the line of Surface Planers, shown from Fig. 5202 to Fig. 5207 excels. They are made with especial reference to doing smooth and fast work ; are used in Furniture, Carriage, Chair, Car and Jobbing shops, and in Planing Mills for fine Door and Panel work.

These machines are of new and modern design, containing the latest improvements; the workmanship is of the best, likewise materials. All machines are of good proportions; the weights are ample, as will be seen by tables.  

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The Frames of all these machines are unusually heavy and rigid, and with the exception of No. 4 (which is provided for in another way) all have three points of bearing on the floor. By this means the frame cannot be strained or twisted, either by bolting down or by settling of the floor, and the Cylinder Boxes can be kept screwed down close on the journals while running at a high speed, without heating, thus avoiding wavy work.

The Beds are very rigid, with six points of support on the frame. Cylinders are made from solid steel forgings, with Bearings of ample diameter and length carefully fitted and balanced. Box Caps are planed into recesses to prevent vibration sidewise.

Pressure Bars are carefully arranged and fitted. Pieces 4 in. long, and even shorter, can be planed smooth, without dubbing the ends.


Cylinder has Bearings 11 in. diam., 7

in. long. Feed Rolls are set very close

to the Cylinder, and arranged to hold the board down firmly to the Bed. Up-per In-Feed Roll is fluted. All Rolls are 3 in. diam. Upper Rolls are driven by the Gearing.

These Machines plane from rs to 6 in. thick. Prices include Countershaft. Weight.

16 in. Planer, $153.00; 1400 lbs.

20 " 170.00; 1600 "

24 " " 191.25; 1800 "

FIG. 5203.


Cylinder has Bearings 1$ diam., 8 in. long. Cylinder is Double Belted, and the Feed Works are driven from it by means of a Tightener and Cone Pulleys. All the Rolls are geared together and driven, making a strong, uniform Feed.

The Feed Rolls are set as close to the Cylinder as possible, and arranged to hold a board down firmly to the Bed.

These Machines plane from i,; to 7 in. thick. Prices include Countershaft.


20 in. Planer, $238.00; 2000 lbs.

24 " 262.00; 2250 "

28 " " 285.00; 2500 "

Feed Rolls are set very close to the Cylinder, and arranged to hold lumber down firmly to the Bed. The Forward Feed Roll is geared at both ends, so that there is equal pressure on the lumber its whole length. The Upper End Feed Roll is usually fluted, but may be made smooth when so ordered. Broken or Divided Feed Roll and Bon-net (or Chip Breaker) are furnished when. ordered, at an extra price.

These Machines plane from 36 to 7 in. thick. Prices include Countershaft. Weight.

26 in. Planer, $335.00; 2800 lbs.

30 " " 365.00; 3100 "

36 " " 416.00; 3500 "

Extra for Divided Roll and Bonnet, 26 in., $46.75; 30 in., $55.25; 36 in., $63.75.

FIG. 5205.


This Machine is the same as the No. 3 Surfacer Double Belted. with the addition of the Lower Cylinder and a special Countershaft for driving it.

The Pressure Plate is adjustable by a Hand Wheel and Cross Shaft. The Lower Cylinder Yoke is also adjustable vertically by a Hand Wheel, Gears and Cross Shaft, and the Delivery Bed may be easily set for any depth of cut, and detached to get access to the Knives by removing two screws.

These Machines plane from 11,-.; to 7 in. thick. Prices include 2 Countershafts. Weight.

26 in. Planer, $450.00; 3850 lbs.

30 " 501.50; 4200 "

36 " 535.50; 4600 "

Extra for Divided Roll and Bonnet, 26 in., $46.75; 30 in., $55.25; 36 in., $63.75.



This Machine was designed more especially for the Furniture trade, and embodies all improvements that have been suggested by long experience in the manufacture of fine Surfacers.

We believe there is only one other make of Planer that will equal this.

The main Frame is deep and heavy. The entire machine rests mainly on the two Central Base Flanges under the Cylinder. In nearly all other machines the Frame is bolted to the floor at the four corners, consequently any shrink-age or settling of the floor will draw the Frame more or less with it, and our experience is that any twisting of this sort will make the Boxes heat more or less. This is especially the case on Planers 30 in. wide or more.

In this Machine the Flanges on the Front and Rear Cross Bars act only as balancing or steadying points, and do not touch the floor until they are wedged up or leveled by the person setting up machine, so that the whole weight of the machine comes on the two central hangers. It is practically impossible to strain a Frame which rests only on two points.

Cylinder has Bearings 21 in. diam., 10 in. long.

The Bed is planed the whole Iength ; is raised and lowered on especially heavy and well fitted inclines. Lower Incline is moved by two heavy, square threaded screws, worked together by Cut Gears, and operated by a large central Hand Wheel. One revolution of the wheel gives in. vertical motion to the Bed. The Bed Plate proper, or either outside section, may be removed without taking the machine apart.

The Pressure Bars for holding work to the Bed hang about 2i in. apart when

FIG. 5204.


Cylinder has Bearings 2 in. diam., 9 in. long.