Tool Chests & Wagon Jack 0101

RATCHET CARRYING JACK SCREW. The Ratchet Carrying Jack Screw, Fig. 3831, has a steel base, brass nuts, wrought iron screws and legs. The ratchets, pawls and handles are made of steel and malleable iron. Diam. of lifting screw, 21 in.; traverse screw, 1$ in. Length of lifting and traverse screws, 18 in. Height over all when down, 26 in. The lifting capacity is 36 tons.
Fig. 3832 represents a Ratchet Jack Screw; this Screw is a labor and timesaver, and can be used in many cases where, on account of blocking, etc., the ordinary style of bar jack can not. Prices are very much lower than formerly. Can furnish other sizes.

LOCKPORT WAGON JACK. This Jack is made entirely of metal except the handle. The steel lifting rod is adjustable, and held by a friction steel clutch, operated by powerful compound lever. The neatest, strongest and most compact Wagon Jack we know of.

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SETS OF TOOLS AND CHESTS. These Tool Chests are put up to meet a growing demand from Carpenters, Cabinet and Patternmakers, Railroads and Mines, Farmers, Planters, Manufacturing establishments, etc., for sets of tools that are more or less complete and adapted to the different needs. All Tools are of the best quality, fully warranted, and are sharpened and fitted ready for use. If we may, with becoming modesty. say it, we believe that we are the most extensive dealers in strictly highgrade tools of any house in the world, and the Tools in these Chests are our regular stock goods. We deem it necessary to state this, in connection with Tool Chests, as the majority of tool chest outfits are provided with tools of such indifferent quality, as to render them of little practical use. So far as quality of steel and temper are concerned, the tools in the lower priced Sets are the same as the others, the difference being in style, finish, and points of convenience that go to excel, as well as in the quantity of tools furnished.

TOOL CHESTS ONLY. These Chests are made of thoroughly well seasoned, kiln dried stock. Are finished with 3 coats of shellac and varnish. No. 1 Chest, $14.00. This is the size Chest that is used for Sets Nos. 22, 23 and 24. Outside measurement 361 in. long, 20 in. wide, 20 in. deep. Inside measurement, 33 x 16 x 181. 3 Trays, 33 x6}x21; 1 Saw Till, 33x4lx7. No. 2 Chest, $16.00. This is the sizeChest that is used for Sets Nos. 25, 26, 27 and 28. Outside measurement, 40 in. long, 23 in. wide and 23 in. deep. In-side measurement, 21x37x20. 3 Trays, 37x8x3. 1 Saw Till, 37x4lx9; 1 extra Tray which can be used as a carrying box, 35x7x 7 1. The above Chests have Heavy Brass Yale Locks, Japanned Handles, and Brass Hinges.

SPECIAL OAK CHEST. This is a medium size Chest intended for house use. Is made of quarter sawed oak, handsomely finished, Bronze Handles, Brass Lock and Hinges. Out-side dimensions, 33x15x14 Is long enough to take in a 26 in. Skew Back Saw. Has 3 Sliding Trays.

Tool Chests & Wagon Jack