Tool holders, ferrules, awls 0041

In the cut (Fig. 3267) are shown the different styles of Tool Holders we carry in stock, this line being selected after examination and tests of forty-four different styles and sizes. As this book is essentially a catalogue of tools for mechanics, we have given first place to the styles that are best adapted for mechanics' use.

The Britton Improved Tool Holder is, in our judgment, altogether the best tool of this class ; it is light, but strong, and can if the occasion requires, be hammered upon without danger of injury. Is of the best possible shape to fit the hand, and the tools that go with it are of fine quality. There are a number of imitations of this tool, but the genuine have the name "Britton" stamped on them. The handle is of rosewood, and the cap of brass, nickel plated. No. 3 M. F., $1.00, has 20 small tools, handle of cocobola wood, steel parts nickel plated. The chuck on this handle is useful for holding all sorts of tanged tools.

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The Sets of Tools and Handles which follow are intended more especially for general use, either in the shop, office or house. The makers of these different tools claim that they are of the finest quality. We do not entirely agree with the makers on this point, but they are good, and well adapted for the purposes for which they are intended.

These Ferrules are stamped from sheet brass.
These are made of seamless brass tubing, and vary in thickness from -ef in the small sizes to 'flg in the large sizes.
POCKET SCRATCH AWL. This is a new tool and a very good one ; well made, of good stock, nickel plated.
These are of excellent quality, are forged of cast steel, and have ebonized handle.

Brad, scratch, and marking awls for sale on Ebay; text continues below.

BRAD AWL. Since the advent of the Automatic Boring Tool and Combination Tool Holder, the regular style of Brad Awl has had somewhat of a black eye, some mechanics, however, prefer to use them. Our Brad Awls are the very best we can obtain

TOOL RACK. This Rack is suitable for hanging up Chisels, Files, Tools, etc., in factories, work shops, closets and tool chests. In lengths of 24 in., nicely finished, being made of sheet steel, nickel plated.

A very complete assortment of tools (20 in number), also patent adjustable holder with 12 Brad Awls, Chisels, etc. All contained in a nice walnut case, price $3.00.

Tool holders, ferrules, awls