Tracing Cloth and paper from the old days. 0088

DETAIL PAPER is made cold-pressed a with slightly grained surface. Will stand a fair amount of erasing, and take pencil or Ladia ink drawings very nicely No. 66 contains one 51 inch Compass, Fixed Needle Point and Pen, Pencil, and Lengthening Bar; one 5 inch Hairspring Divider; one Steel Spring Bow Divider, 31 in.; one Steel Spring Bow Pencil,. No. 67 contains the same instruments a No. 66, with the addition of one 311 in. Compass, with Pencil, Pen and Needle Point. Price, $10.50.

NICKEL PLATED SCHOOL INSTRUMENTS. This line of low-priced Instruments is a great improvement over the French Instruments, almost universally sold for this purpose. Carried only in sets. No. 71 contains 5. in. Compass, with Pen and Pencil Points, Lengthening Bar, No. 72 contains same Instruments as No. 71, with the addition of Spring Bow

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TRACING CLOTH. No. 64 contains one Compass with Fixed Needle Point and Pencil, Pen Points and Lengthening Bar; one 5 inch Plain Divider; one 5 inch Ruling Pen, with Joint; one Box Leads and Key. Price, $3.70.

BUFF PAPER is as its name implies, Buff in color. Is especially intended for preliminary and general drawings. In working on this color, it does not tire the eyes. It will also admit of a great deal of handling, without soiling or cracking, and stand erasing perfectly. Full rolls weigh from 30 to 35 lbs.

GENERAL —The color of this Paper is white, and of the same quality as the Buff. Used largely for general office and school work.
PEERLESS —This is our best grade of Paper, white in color, with a surface cormmonly known as Egg-shell. These Papers are so well known that further description is unnecessary.
BLUE PRINT PAPER —We carry in stock the Prepared and Unprepared of the very best quality.
TRACING CLOTH AND PAPER —Both of these are the very best goods we can buy, and always uniform in quality.
MOUNTED PAPERS —We carry in stock the General and Peerless grades, Mounted on Muslin

Tracing Cloth and paper from the old days.