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Trammel Points or Beam Compasses for Machinests, Pattern makers, Carpenters & Millwrights 0084

WING CALIPERS. This is a strong, heavy caliper with adjustment. Is a good tool and especially useful to pattern makers and wood turners. REGISTER CALIPER.
This is a little tool that will be found very convenient for pocket use, as approximate measurements are indicated on the quadrant.

TRAMMEL POINTS OR BEAM COMPASSES.Trammel Points are indispensable to Machinists, Pattern makers, Carpenters and Millwrights. There is practically no limit to circles which they can describe or distance which can be spaced. They are made to slide on a wood beam, and are therefore very light. Dividers above fifteen inches are not as desirable as Trammels, as their weight makes them awkward to handle. There are numerous kinds made. In our judgment, those shown here are a good selection.

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STANLEY'S. This is a good, cheap Trammel that will answer many purpose; are not adjustable. Either of the points can be removed and a pencil inserted. The Diamond Trammel Point is the neatest and best medium-priced tool of the kind on the market.

Cook's Beam Trammels are of a high class, and possess many advantages. First, the points can be extended in depth to span projections. Second, both points are graduated, and can always be set parallel to each other. Third, when one surface is below or above the surface from which the center distance is to be spaced, one point can be raised or lowered to keep the points in relation to each other. Fine adjustment can be had by rotating the points in their sockets, as they are made eccentric.

EXTENSION STEEL BEAM TRAMMEL. This is a new tool and an excellent one. The beam is ha in. round, with one side flattened, made in one, two or three sections of 14 in. which can be rigidly coupled together. Fine adjustments are made by a slight rotation of one or the other eccentric points. These Trammels are nicely finished and nickel plated.

PENCIL HOLDER. The Pencil Holder is to be attached to dividers.

LITTLE THINGS.Some writer has said, "Life is made up of Little Things." Another, "It is the Little Things that count." Just notice the barb on a hook ; it's little, but it's what holds the fish. A Carpenters' Pencil is a little thing, but what a nuisance it is to have a pencil that breaks or crumbles, or is hard and gritty and doesn't make a plain, black mark when used. A Saw File is a little thing, but when a man is doing a job a few miles from the shop, and wants to sharpen his saw, what a difference it makes if his file is a good one or not. Five Cents is a little thing, but this little difference in the cost of a tool if expended on superior steel and labor may represent the difference between a good —and good -for- nothing— tool. A 10-Penny Nail is a little thing, but many a good man has lost his life by using two or three nails too few in a scaffold. In making up this catalogue, we believe that we have realized fully the importance of Little Things. HAVE YOU NOTICED IT ?

Trammel Points or Beam Compasses for Machinests, Pattern makers, Carpenters & Millwrights