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The Trimming Machine replaces a plane for finish work on trim 0079

The Figures shown above were actually made on our Trimming Machine. The Blocks were photographed and this cut made from photograph. They suggest only a few of the desirable cuts which can be advantageously made on our Trimmer.

UNIVERSAL This is one of the modern tools which has made for itself a permanent place in the most advanced wood working shops. It secures accuracy. It saves time. It makes money.
The desirability of obtaining a required angle by one light cut on the Trimming Machine rather than by several repeated attempts with the hand plane,was so apparent, that the first primitive machines which were designed for this purpose, found an extensive sale with all their defects. About three years ago we designed and built a Universal Trimmer. Every machine of this character then on the market was a combination of trappy contrivances. The Trimmer we made at that time was the first one constructed on correct mechanical principles. To the superior design, accurate construction, and widened range of work.

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TRIMMING MACHINE. made possible of accomplishment, we attribute the sale of 2,000 of these machines during the past three years of extreme business depression. Profiting by the opportunities afforded of learning the possibilities and requirements of the most progressive pattern shops, we have designed and placed upon the market a Trimming Machine as much superior to our former production as that machine was superior to its predecessors.

BEARINGS —Entirely adjustable; acsuracy permanently achieved. The primary and most essential feature of a Trimming Machine is its accuracy, which cannot be secured if the bearings are loose, and sliding surfaces will be-come loose by constant use. No Trimmer heretofore made, has any provision for taking up this wear. By two ingenious yet simple, patented gibs, this looseness is entirely overcome in our present machine, and the working parts may be kept in perfect alignment. Accurate work can be secured when the machine is new, a rid also when other trimmers would have become worn and useless.

STEEL SHOES —Beveled edges, easily adjustable.

GAUGES— Located positively, located accurately, located instantly.

ANGLES —Every separate degree plainly shown and accurately located. Realizing that it is often desirable to use the machine for making accurate templates for the angles on bevel gears or other pattern work, we have very carefully graduated the machine from 30 to 135 degrees. We have given every separate degree, which enables the operator to obtain any desired angle, in addition to the eight anglesmost commonly used, which are the only ones marked on any trimmer previously placed on the market. These degrees are laid off from a 3011 index circle, and can be relied upon as more accurate than many bevel protractors now in use on ordinary machine work.

UNIVERSAL ATTACHMENT —For crown mouldings; for irregular pat-terns. This fixture adds materially to the scope of possible work on a Universal Trimming Machine.

GRADUATIONS —Linear Scale on side gauges.

LEVER —Unique, powerful, convenient. The lever can be instantly adjusted to any position by an improved patented device.

The Trimming Machine replaces a plane for finish work on trim