one 16 in. Rip and Cross-cut Saw, one the small hand wheel shown in front, 6 in. Four-Sided Head with pair of so as to make a slight adjustment with-Knives. out moving the fence.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

Price of Machine with Jointer At- Boring Attachment is

fitted to matcht achments only, $168.00; with Boring and is provided with all adjust-

Attachments only, $160.00.

Price of Plain Machine, $127.50; Price of Machine, $255.00, including

weight complete, 1600 lbs. Countershaft, 12 in. Saw, 10 in. Slotted Steel Head, Rabbeting Head, and Jointing Head. All Heads have Knives. Boring Attachment is not desired, deduct $20.00 from price. Weight 1700 lbs.

FIG. 5191. SAMPLE OF WOOD CARVING. On this machine carvings of any design are produced at the rate of about 50 ft. per hour complete, including Sanding and Scroll Sawing. Carvings may be of any thickness from -+ to 1 in.

In use by many of the leading Furniture, Piano, Chair makers, etc., who use Carvings in large quantities.

Price given is for Machine alone, the Dies costing from $15.00 to $30.00, depending on the size,

amount of ornamentation, and labor expended.

Price, $700.00; weight, 2500 lbs.


Under this heading come machines that are given all sorts of names by the different manufacturers, such as "Universal Wood Worker", "Variety Wood Worker", "Universal Saw and Dado Machine ", etc.

In many cases the use of these various styles of machines will be found advantageous, saving in first cost of ma-chine, cost of belts, also floor space.

PIG. 5193.

UNIVERSAL SAW AND DADO MACHINE. This machine is designed for Sawing at any angle, Plowing, Grooving, Dadoing, Jointing, and Boring. Used largely in Sash, Door and Blind Factories, Cabinet, Pattern-making and Job shops, Furniture, Wagon and Carriage factories. The Table is 63 in. long and 30 in. wide. Will rip stock between gauge 20 in. Saws up to 18 in. diam. can be

used. The Ripping, Cross-cutting and Mitering Gauges are well fitted in table, The Sliding Tables on each side of the saw are adjustable to admit either the Dado or Jointing Heads.

The Jointing Attachment has an in-dependent, adjustable Table that is raised or lowered by means of the crank. Boring Attachment has every adjustment needed to do Boring, Routing, making Rosettes, etc. Prices include Countershaft. Weight, 1250 lbs.

No. 1, $160.00, with Dado Head, Boring and Jointer Attachments, Rip and Cut-off Saws.

No. 2, $140.00, with Jointer Attachments, Dado Head, Rip and Cut-off Saws.

No. 3, $120.00, with Dado Head and Saws.

No. 4, $120.00, with Boring Attachments and Saws.

No. 5, $100.00, Machine with Saws.

FIG. 5194.

UNIVERSAL RIP AND CROSS-CUT SAW. This machine is what is known as "Variety" Wood Worker. The frame is of iron, very heavy, cast all in one piece, with Countershaft attached. There are two Sliding Tables fitted in the large table, which can be adjusted similar to a hand planer and jointer. The Table has slots on both sides of the saw, and is furnished with 3 Gauges, for Ripping, Cross-cutting, and Miter or Angle Sawing. The Ripping Gauge adjusts in a box, bolted to table by means of 2 small Hand Wheels. The Gauge and Adjusting Bar can be quickly removed, leaving the table clear for cross-cutting, etc., its entire width.

The Boring Attachment is rigid and strong; the Table has separate Adjustments, and is fitted with Adjustable Gauge to bore at any angle.

The Jointing Head is slotted on four sides so as to use any kind of Bits; Gaining, Grooving, Panel Raising, Tenoning and other Heads can be used.

Price complete, $191.25; this includesFIG. 5195. NO. 2 UNIVERSAL RIP AND


This machine is practically the same as the foregoing, only a little different in design. Our main reason for showing it is, that we can furnish a Self-Feed Ripping Attachment which cannot be supplied with the other machine.

Price of Machine, $195.00; weight, 1560 lbs.

Price of Self-Feed Ripping Attachment, extra, $45.00.

FIG. 5196.


Is designed to do the same class of

work as described under Fig. 5197; is

strong and substantial. The Tables are

long, each being 3i ft. in. length. Are

raised and lowered by large hand wheel

shown in front of machine, and are

moved to and from the mandrel by hand

wheels on other side. The Fence is 4 ft.

long, is arranged to be set to any angle,

and can be swung across the machine

for diagonal cuts. Can also be adjusted

to full width of table, which is 18 in.

The mandrel will carry a 12 in. head,

although we furnish a 10 in head with

machine. Mandrel can be moved by

FIG. 5197.


This machine is new in design, is very heavy, strong and substantial. Adjustments are simple, accurate, and handled with the greatest ease. Its range of work in the hands of a competent operator is almost without limit. It will plane out of wind, and make a perfect glue joint, square up all kinds of stock, do chamfering, cross-graining, plowing, tongue and grooving, cut straight, circular or elliptical mouldings, raise panels, rabbet door frames, rabbet and join window blinds at the same time, will do ripping cross-cutting, tenoning, and numerous other operations.

Tables can be adjusted either separately, or together with the circle of the head, or in a direct vertical line. Ma-chine planes 10 inches wide, and has 3 Bearings to mandrel.

The Boring Apparatus is simple, the Table can be operated easily, has Adjustable Gauge for Angle Boring, and suitable Stops and Gauges.

Price, 318.75, complete with Counter-shaft, 10 in. Slotted Steel Head, Rabbeting Head, Jointing Head, all with Knives. Weight, 2200 lbs.