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Vises – Coach Makers, Victor Vises, Woodworkers Vises 0096

HIGH SWIVEL JAW VISE. For some classes of work the high jaws combined with the Swiveling features, will be found very desirable. This Vise has 8 in. jaws, and opens 12 in.
We can furnish (at same prices) the Nos, 20, 25, 30 and 35 Vises, with Continuous Screw instead of the Rapid Acting feature. We really know of no good reason for any one wanting them in this way, but occasionally we have orders. Can also furnish with any width of opening from 3 in. to 36 in. Prices upon application.

NORBOURN VISE. This is an excellent Vise; it is very simple, being composed of only five pieces; the jaws are planed. We can recommend this as being the best tool in the market for the price, and also as being quite equal to many vises sold at nearly double the price. The jaws are 9 in. wide and open 12 in.

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COACH MAKERS' VISE. These Vises are designed for the use of Coachmakers, Cabinet-makers, Pattern makers and Wood Workers generally. There are perhaps some conditions under which these Vises can be used to better advantage than the style of vise shown in Figs. 3782 and 3783. In our judgment, however, the other styles will be found, for general work, more desirable.

The Victor Vises are the best and strongest of this type; they have the Swivel Self-Adjusting Back Jaws, which automatically adjust themselves, for holding taper or wedge shape pieces.
The type of Wood Workers' Vise represented by Figs. 3782 and 3783 is coming into very general use. Our sales of these have more than doubled every year since their introduction (about eight years ago). For 95 per cent of the work done by Carpenters, Cabinet Makers, Pattern Makers and Wood Workers generally, they are vastly superior to any of the ordinary or regular styles of Bench Vises. In the large Furniture, Organ, Piano, Mantel, Cabinet and Pattern Making, and similar establishments, they have supplanted the regular styles, as well as the common bench vises.

There are many advantageous features in a Vise of this kind, but the principal one is rapidity of action. In either of the two styles shown here, one can put in and take out a dozen pieces of wood, ranging in thickness from in. to 12 inches, in less than twenty seconds, while with any of the ordinary styles of Screw Vises it would take at least from five to ten minutes.

A customer of ours came into the store the other day, and among other goods ordered a Victor Coach Makers' Vise (Fig. 3787). We showed him the Toles' Vise ( Fig. 3782), and as we knew it was much better suited to the kind of work done in his establishment, tried to persuade him to take it instead of the other, but without success. He frankly acknowledged that it was far superior, but said, " We have in our shop over one hundred vises, many of them in good order, some almost new, and if I get one of these, the only contented man in the shop will he the fellow who has this vise, and it would result in our having to buy nearly a hundred new vises." This certainly was a plausible enough argument, but we believe the saving of time ( and time is $$$) in using this class of vise —over the ordinary style —would pay for the whole lot in less than six months.

METAL WORKERS' VISES. In our Metal Workers' tool catalogue, "A Book of Tools" ( see page 744 ), we illustrate, describe and price a very complete line of Vises, from the little Pin vise, weighing 2 oz.. to the heaviest Machinist vise, weighing 250 lbs., 26 styles and 107 sizes in all.

NO. 20 TOLES' VISE. This Vise is, we believe, the best in the market; is strong, well made and well finished. Width of jaws, 10 in.; depth 4 in.; opens 12 in.

NO. 25 TOLES' VISE WITH BENCH STOP. This is the same as the other, excepting that it is provided with an improved Rapid Acting Bench Stop, which is a feature of considerable advantage.

NO. 35 TOLES' TAIL VISE. This Vise is constructed on the same principle as the foregoing. It has a strong dog in the front jaw, with positive adjustment. In many places the Tail Vise will be found a most useful tool. The jaws are 6 in. long, 31 in. deep, and open 6 in. 4 in.

VICTOR FLAT BASE. Jaws. Weight. 40 lbs.

Vises - Coach Makers, Victor Vises, Woodworkers Vises