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WAGON AND CARRIAGE MAKERS' TOOLS. We present here a very complete line of Hub and Spoke Machinery suitable for Carriage and Wagon makers.

DOLE'S SILVER'S HUB BOXING MACHINE. The Dole Hub Boxing Machine is an old favorite.

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No. 1 is suitable for Buggy and Carriage work, and will grasp hubs from 2 to 6 inches in diam.

No. 2, for Buggy, Carriage and Wagon work; hubs from 2 to 12 inches in diam.

No. 3, for heavy Wagon work; hubs from 3 to 15 inches in diam.

We have these machines in two styles: No. 711, with Silver's Patent Open Adjustable Feed Nut, and No. 712, with Solid Feed Nut. Price of No. 711-No. 1, $20.00 ; No. 2, $23.00 ; No. 3, $27.00. Price of No. 712-No. 1, $16.00; No. 2, $19.00; No. 3, $22.00.

The Silver's Hub Boxing Machine (Fig. 5244) is of more recent construction than the Dole.

No. 1 will bore holes to 5 in. diam., 64 in. deep, and will grasp hubs 2 to 91 in. diam., meaning at the end. Price of No. 1, $25 00.

No. 2 is intended for very large, heavy wheels; will bore 21 to 6 in. diam., 121 in. deep, and will grasp hubs 9 to 14i in. diam., measuring at the end. Price, $35.00.

SILVER'S DOUBLE CHUCK TAPER HUB BOXING MACHINE. This machine will bore straight or any desired taper; designed for use on large, heavy wheels that are too cumbersome to handle. Will bore 2 to 51 in. diam,, 154 in. deep. The chucks will grasp hubs 3 to 12 in. diam. Price, $35.00.

SILVER'S NEW HUB BORING MACHINE. HAND POWER. POWER HAND Fig. 5245 is a Hand machine that will bore straight or any desired taper, and cut all necessary recesses, including that at the spokes.

No. 2, $35.00, for light and medium work up to 71xlO in. hubs; weight, 100 lbs.

No. 3, $45.00, for light and heavy work up to 94x13 in. hubs; wgt., 170 lbs.

Fig. 5246 represents a machine similar in style to the foregoing, having the same capacity as No. 2, but heavier, and stronger. Is intended to use by power, but is adapted also to hand use.Price, $75.00; weight, 325 lbs.

STAR HOLLOW AUGER.This is a strong, heavy Hollow Auger which we furnish only in the larger sizes.

No. 3, $15.00, cuts tenons to l± in. diam.

No. 4, $20.00, cuts tenons If to 2 in. diam.the spoke to the hollow auger. All the tenons are cut with the shoulders uniform in width and in the same plane. Can be easily changed into a boring machine for boring the felloes for the spoke, thus insuring accuracy.

No. 1, cuts tenons ;7, to 1 in., $18.00; with Felloe Boring Attachment, $25.00.

No. 2, cuts tenons a to l in., $25.00; with Felloe Boring Attachment, $32.00.

No. 24, cuts tenons $ to 14 in., $28.00; with Felloe Boring Attachment, $35.00.
Can furnish with the Nos 2 or 21, at an extra cost of $8.00, a No. 1 Auger and Reducer, so that work down to -Ixif in. may be done.

This machine is quite similar in its working parts to the foregoing style, but is somewhat heavier; is intended for power or hand use.
No. 3, $45.00, cuts tenons , to 11 in. diam., 4 in. long.
No. 31, $50.00, cuts tenons to 144 in. diam., 4 in. long.
No. 4, $60.00, cuts tenons d to 2 in. diam., 6 in. long.
No. 4+, $68.00, cuts tenons I?a to 2 in. diam., 6 in. long.

The above prices include Felloe Boring Attachment. If not wanted deduct $7.00 from price of each machine. Nos. 3 and 3i machines can be furnished to cut tenons fi in. long, at an additional cost of $5.00. Countershaft, with Tight and Loose Pulleys, suitable for any of the above size machines, $10.00.

HYDRAULIC PRESS. These presses are made in two sizes.

No. 1, price $50.00, has a capacity of 12 tons pressure, weight 180 lbs. Can be operated by hand or power, and will raise 4 in. Manufacturers of light wagons and carriages will find this very useful for pressing on skeins and hub bands, and for pressing in boxes. Can be used to advantage for other purposes where pressure is required.

No. 2, price, $110.00. weight 600 lbs., will raise 6 in.; intended for heavy work on farm and freight wagons, and for other purposes where great pressure is required. Can be operated by hand or power; has a capacity of 50 tons pressure.

PATENT TIRE TRUER. This device is intended to true a tire with the felloe on carriage and wagon wheels, after the tire has been shrunk on. It saves considerable labor, does better work, and can be operated by a boy of ordinary intelligence. Rolls are 4 inches in diam., made of hardened steel, and all parts are strong and substantial. Price, $55 00, weight, 400 lbs.

DOLE AND DEMING PATENT SPOKE TENONING MACHINE. This machine is made in three sizes. The hub is held in the self-centering chuck, which can be revolved to present

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