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These Stones are the same dimensions as the Washita.
MOUNTED OIL STONES. (In Polished Cherry-wood Boxes.) Washita. Arkansas.

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Arkansas Oil Stone is very difficult to obtain in any regular sizes. They range in prices from $1.50 to $3.00 per pound, according to quality and size. If customers will inform us in regard to about the size wanted, we will name price and state nearest sizes we have in stock.
We recommend the Arkansas Stones mounted in cases (Fig. 3220). They are a very fine quality, and are less in price than the unmounted. This may seem somewhat singular, but the mounted stones are put up in this form on ac-count of slight defects and roughness on the under side, but as there is enough wear in the stone to last almost a life-time, this in most cases is not a serious objection.
Many tools require an exceedingly keen and smooth cutting edge. Among these are Trimmer Knives, Paper and Leather Cutting Knives, and all knives that are used with a drawing cut. Besides this, for certain classes of work, Plane Irons, Chisels and other kinds of tools require this kind of an edge. The only oil stone that will give

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The Round Edge Slips come in lengths from 3 to 5 in.; width, from It to 2 in.; thickness on back, # to iE in.; thickness on edge, from if to 4- in.
We class them in two sizes, heavy and light. For example, in the light Slips, the thickness at back would be from to ; thickness at edge, 4- to A; in the heavy Slips, from 4- to $ at back, and A to I in. at the edge.
We also sell these by the pound, and will name prices upon application.
Pen Knife Pieces from 21 to 4 in. long, 1 to 14 in wide, and -- to is- in. thick. Washita, from $0.15 to $0.25 each; Arkansas, from $0.35 to $0.65 each.
These are oval in shape, about + in. on large end, tapering to I in at small end. Washita, each, $0.45; Arkansas, each, $1.00.

We carry in stock Triangular, Square and Pencil Point Slips in both Arkansas and Washita in size from 3a to * in. Washita, $0.25; Arkansas, $0.50—other shapes and styles to order.
These are about 2+ in. long. Price, per set of 4, $1.00; each, $0.30; postage, 5 cts.
There is a great difference in prices of Razor Hones, also in quality; they are rated as Common, Quarter Fine, Half Fine, Fine, Extra Fine, Extra Choice, and Extra Choice Selected.
Price of an 8 in. Common quality is $0.25 ; Extra Choice Selected, $2.25. We carry in stock but two grades, Fine and Extra Choice Selected. Prices are as follows :
Fine, 6 in., $0.45; 7 in., $0.60 ; 8 in., $1.20. Extra Choice Selected, 6 in., $0.75; 7 in., $1.25; 8 in., $2.25.

lieve there are but few goods of this class that will equal them. Since the beginning of the present Steel Era, or the "Age of Steel", as it is commonly known, a great many tool manufacturers have brought out lines of solid steel Hatchets and Hand Axes. Solid Steel sounds very fine, and is apt to lead a purchaser to expect that he is getting something extra good, but in our humble judgment, this is a mistake.

In the earlier experiments the attempt was made to manufacture these tools of solid tool steel. This was found impracticable, as for some reason or other tools made in this way were weak in the center or eye portion, and so it was, we believe, discarded. The present method is to use soft or mild steel for the center, and tool steel for the cutting edge and head. Tool steel and soft steel haven't much of an affinity for each other, and do not take kindly to welding.

The Beatty tools are made in the old fashioned way. The body and eye being made of best Norway iron, with tool steel head and edge. This manner of making costs more, as the Norway iron is two or three times as expensive as common soft steel. Our Hatchets are nicely finished, being polished all over. This not only makes a finer looking tool, but insures getting tools that are free from flaws, which are brought out by polishing, but concealed by bronzing or painting.

the desired result is the Arkansas, but for general purposes it is too slow-cutting. For work of this kind we provide a special Arkansas stone, which we call an "Arkansas Hone." This stone measures about 2 x 2 in. and + to 4- in. thick—a convenient size for the hand. It is used principally in connection with the Whelden emery stone. The emery stone puts on a fine, sharp edge, and the "Arkansas Hone" is used for finishing, which requires but a few strokes. Price, each, $0.50.
In the line of Heavy Edge Tools, comprising Hatchets, Hand Axes, Broad Axes, Adzes, etc., we carry the William Beatty & Son brand. This brand has been well and favorably known for nearly one hundred years.

Washita oil stone, Arkansas oil stones