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Water Level or Hydrostatic Level 0063

HYDROSTATIC LEVEL.In lining up shaftings, finding levels at long distances, over obstructions or around corners, more can be accomplished in one hour with this instrument than can be done in a day with an ordinary spirit level. It not only tells that points are out of level, but shows, in inches and fractions of an inch, how much they are out of level. Any work-man can use it. Accurate for all distances.
No. 1 is suitable for leveling on machinery, shafting, etc., and shows a variation from level line of 32 inches and can be used with 25 ft. of hose. Price, $10.00, including 25 ft. of Tube, 1 Coupling and Case. No. 2 is same as above, except larger, showing a variation of 6 inches, and can be used with 100 ft. of hose. These Levels are each put up in a hardwood Lock Box, which is included in the price given above. To prevent freezing, add about 10 per cent of glycerine with the water before filling the Level.

Editors Note: Water levels are still important for leveling mobile homes. On the day I wrote this, Ebay did not have any for sale, but they are still in use. Clear plastic tubing is obviously a big improvement over the kind of hose these guys had to use.

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DIRECTIONS. When leveling two points a gauge is placed on each, the stop cocks are opened, and when the water comes to rest, closed again, thus confining it to the exact height indicated. The instrument may then be picked up and carried to the light if necessary, and the exact position of the water located on the scales. Any length of hose desired may be used between the gauges and accurate levels taken over any distance the hose will permit.

ODD JOBS. This is a sort of "Jack of all trades" tool, and of course like most J. of A. T., is "Master of none." However, it is a most excellent and convenient little tool. There are probably not less than fifty thousand of these in use, and the sale is constantly increasing.

UNIQUE POCKET LEVEL This tool combines a Pocket Level and Plumb, Inclinometer and Bevel. Can be applied to a square, straight edge, and to boring hits. Nicely finished, Nickel Plated on Brass.

LEVEL SIGHTS. This is an ingenious device which can be attached to almost any style of Level, and furnishes a convenient and accurate means for leveling at a distance.

Editor Note: Many of these old woodworking tools are still the same today as they were in 1897. However, levels and leveling have changed a lot! The Ebay links below show laser levels for sale now. There is more old tools text following.

LEVELING INSTRUMENT. This is the most durable Leveling Instrument in the market for the money. Adapted for use of Architects, Carpenters, Builders, Stone - masons and others, for leveling, obtaining angles, etc. This instrument consists of a tripod, to the head of which is connected an upper plate carrying a graduated arc and a level with telescope sights. Will forward upon application, circulars giving complete description of the Transit and Leveling Instrument. Weighs 13$- pounds when packed for shipment. Directions sent with Instrument.

LAND LEVEL. This Level is. we believe, the only low priced instrument on the market that combines the working features of the finer engineering transits and levels. It is practically indispensable to builders, county surveyors and farmers, is a great labor saver to the millwright in lining and setting up shafting, to the builder and bricklayer a valuable substitute for the primitive level board commonly used in setting up foundations, floors, sills and running grades. It can be used for angulation, level lines, grading streets, sewers and drains. The construction is simple, having as few parts as possible. Telescope is 81 in. long, with achromatic objectives and magnifying powers ten times. Cross wires are fixed so that there is no danger of losing the adjustment. The Level is provided with adjusting screws, and telescope and level mounted on a swivel bearing, enabling it to be clamped in any position. The arc is graduated into degrees, instrument is screwed to a substantial tripod, and packed in wooden carrying case, very portable

LEVEL LINE INDICATERs wATer For leveling all kinds of Machinery and Structures, or points separated by long distances and obstructions.
BIT AND SQUARE LEVEL. The cut shows the application of this tool.

Water Level or Hydrostatic Level