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Wood for Hammer handles and leather head handles 0040

AS TO WOODS —As a wood for chisel handles Hickory easily leads all other woods. Of course, there is hickory and hickory, but sound, well-seasoned, second growth, white hickory cannot be excelled. After hickory, the most commonly used is Apple wood, which makes a nice looking and quite durable handle, but is not suitable for heavy work. Dogwood, which is similar in general appearance to apple wood, is well thought of by many users. The close-grained English beech makes a durable handle, but our American beech is not very well suited for handles. Cherry does very well for carving tool, small file, and similar handles where they are not hammered upon. In the fancy woods Rosewood has always been the leader; it is a handsome wood, strong and durable as well. Cocobola, which is very much like rosewood, only of a lighter redish color, has come into very extensive use during the past few years, on account of the scarcity of rosewood. Boxwood makes fine handles, but the best quality is very ex-pensive and hard to get. The cheaper qualities warp and contain so many knots and imperfections, that these handles are but little sold. Mahogany is fairly good, but little used. Ebony is heavy, very expensive, and has also gone out of general use. Lignum Vitm while good for many purposes, is not of much account as a handle wood.

AS TO LEATHER HEAD HANDLES —Handles with Leather Heads or Leather-tipped Handles, have been used by shoemakers and cobblers from time immemorial, but it was not until a few years ago that some genius lighted on the fact, that what was good for a cobbler might be good for a carpenter.

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When these Handles were first brought out, they were made in small quantities, and the prices charged were so high that comparatively few of them were sold. We are pleased to say that we can now furnish these Handles, made of Second Growth Hickory, at prices that are but a trifle higher than the ordinary style of Handle (made of equally good materials).

There is no question but that for any kind of a tool that is hammered upon, the Leather Head Handle is far preferable to any other. One Handle will outlast two or three of the best quality wood handles, or a dozen of such handles as are commonly sold.

Perhaps the greatest point of advantage lies in the fact that these Handles can be used with a hammer, while with the ordinary style a mallet must be used. This in many cases saves carrying a mallet, which is rather a bulky tool to dispose of.

TO SUM UP —For any chisel or gouge that is used in heavy work the Leather Tipped Handle is the best; for paring chisels and gouges, the No. 13 Apple wood Handle is right, unless something fancy is wanted, in which case the Rosewood Handles, Nos. 7 and 14, or Octagon Handles, Nos. 17 and 19, would be the thing.

Wood tools handles for sale on Ebay; text continues below.

No. 3, Hickory
No. 5, Leather Head, Hickory
No. 7, Rosewood
No. 9, Hickory, malleable iron ferrules
No. 11, Leather Head, Hickory
No. 13, Applewood, extra fine, as regards both wood and finish, heavy cast brass ferrules. We have extra large sizes in this style
No. 14, Rosewood
No. 15, Leather Head, Hickory, heavy cast brass ferrules
When a mechanic has a fine set of chisels he sometimes wants something extra nice in the way of Handles for them. The Octagon Handle is the old English style, tapering nicely from butt to point. These Handles come in sets of 12 (six sizes suitable for chisels from ' to 2 in). We do not break sets.
No. 17, Hickory, heavy brass ferrules
No. 19, Rosewood, heavy brass ferrules
No. 21, Cherry, brass ferrules, The most commonly used and sold.
No. 23, Apple wood, choice, heavy brass ferrules
No. 25, Rosewood, brass tube ferrules.
No. 29, Softwood, brass ferrules
No. 31, Hardwood, brass ferrules, each No. 33, Jewelers' File Handles, Cherry
No. 35, Jewelers' Handles, Rosewood
No. 37, Beech, polished, 9 to 11 inches long, brass ferrules
No. 39, Cherry, brass ferrules
No. 41, Ebony Finish, N. P. brass ferrules, for drivers
No. 43, Rosewood finish, Round, N. P. steel ferrule, from 3 to 5 inch,
No. 45, Solid Rosewood, Octagon, same as on Piano Screw Driver.
No. 47, Solid Rosewood, heavy, Octagon, same as on Giant Screw Driver.
On this page we illustrate a variety of small wood turnings, including Pins, Balls, Knobs, Handles, etc. We can furnish any style in almost all kinds of wood. None of these are carried in stock; they are made by automatic machinery to order only, and cannot be furnished in small quantities. Prices will be made upon application. With sample or exact drawing of what is wanted, state quantity and of what wood they should be made.

Wood for Hammer handles and leather head handles