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IMPROVED WOOD LATHE. The cut represents our Improved Wood Lathe designed for use with wooden shears or ways. The Head and Tail Stocks are extra heavy, making it impossible to spring and bind the bearings so they will heat (this being the fault of many lathes). The small pulley on the cone is of iron screwed on the spindle, the balance of cone being made of well seasoned cherry. The spindles have extra long bearings. With each Lathe are furnished 1 Face Plate, 1 pair of Centers, 2 Sockets for holding Rests, 4 Rests from 6 to 24 in. long. There are now upwards of eight hundred of these Lathes in use in the various wood shops throughout the country, and they are, as a rule, preferred to nearly all others. While somewhat higher in price than many others, the prices are, quality considered, very reasonable.

PATTERN MAKERS' LATHE. We also furnish the Pattern or Double Head Lathe for Pattern Making, Mouldings, and large work. These Lathes are provided with screws on both ends of the spindle, and an extra large Face Plate for the outer end of spindle. Screws for taking up the end wear are held in removable brackets. When these brackets are taken off and the outer end of the spindles are used, the wear is taken up by bringing the tail center against the inner end. 16 in., complete, $51.75; 20 in., complete, $66.00; 24 in., complete, $80.00.

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WOOD TURNING LATHE ON IRON SHEARS. Above cut represents the 24 in. Pattern Makers' Lathe mounted on heavy Iron Shears. The price for Shears or Bed only, is as follows (being the same for the 16, 20 and 24 in. lathes ):

WOOD TURNERS' TOOLS. We also carry a very complete line of Wood Turners' Tools. On pages 654 and 655 will be found descriptive illustrations and prices.

20 INCH WOOD TURNERS' LATHE. This is a new style of Lathe we have just placed in stock, which will commend itself on account of the very low

TURNING LATHES. In our metal Workers' Catalogue, entitled " A Book of Tools" (see page 744 of this book) will be found a very complete line of Turning Lathes, from the little Jewelers' Lathe, with a swing of 3i in., up to a heavy Engine Lathe. On page 862 of this catalogue will be found small Amateur Lathes.

FOOT POWER LATHE. This Lathe has the Velocipede Foot Power and Seat; it will take in stuff 12 inches in diam. and 36 in. long. Price includes 3 Centers, 2 Rests and Sockets, and 1 Face Plate. Price, $35.00; weight, 320 lbs. Can furnish the above Lathe when desired for Power, with short Bench Legs. Price, with Countershaft, $30.00.of bed. Prices includes Countershaft, large and small Face Plate, Wood Turning Centers, Rest Holder, and 3 Key Rests. This lathe can be supplied with short legs for the bench, at a reduction of $2.00 on each size.

14 INCH WOOD TURNING LATHE. The cut hardly does these Lathes justice. The design of legs and frame is more like that shown in Fig. 3968, and the cone has five speeds instead of three as shown. Head Spindle has a ,n; hole running its entire length. Price includes 2 Rest Sockets, which are operated from the front of Lathe, 2 short T Rests, and 1 Double Rest, Wood Turning Centers and Screw Chuck.

PROGRESS LATHE HEADS. While not as good as Fig. 3971, these Lathes are of excellent quality and construction, and the price is quite moderate. The Cones are of iron. They are well fitted, the bases planed true, so that the heads can be fitted to wood or iron ways. Each Lathe is furnished

10 INCH WOOD TURNING LATHE. This Lathe was designed more especially for use in manual training schools. The workmanship throughout is of the finest quality. Is made in three lengths. While by no means a high-grade tool, it is well made, durable and serviceable. Spindle is of 1 in. steel, with No. 2 Morse taper hole. The length of Bed is 10 ft. ; weight of machine, 1000 lbs. Prices include suitable Counter-shaft.

Style "A" for Pattern Makers, $90.00: this has a Four Speed Cone Pulley made of cherry wood, floor stand, angle rest, one each, 12 and 24 in. rests, one small face plate with screw center, one each, 10 and 14 in. face plates, and one spur center.

Style "B", $80.00; has Three Speed Iron Cone Pulley, otherwise is identical with style "A", excepting that the large face plate and floor stand are not included. The above cut represents our 16 inch awing Special Pattern Makers' Lathe with Carriage Slide Rests. Head Gone has four sections for 21 in. belt. Head Spindle extends throughout outer end of head stock, and has a large Face Plate for turning anything larger than the swing of the lathe. Spindle has a in. hole through the entire length; diam. of hearings, length of bearings 3} in. Carriage Slide Rest has hand feed by rack and pinion the entire length of bed. Countershaft has Friction Pulleys, size 7 and 10 in., giving in connection with the cone eight changes of speed. Included with Lathe are 3 T Rests, 2 Pointed Centers, 2 Wood Turning Centers, Screw Chuck, 2 Face Plates, and Tripod Rest.
16 in. Lathe, 6 ft. bed, 42 in. between centers. $150.00; 8 ft. bed, $162.00; 10 ft. bed, $174.00, Extra for Compound Rest if desired, $15.00.
We can also furnish the above Lathewithout Carriage Slide Rest, 16 in. by 6 ft., for $120.00; 8 ft., $132.00; 10 ft., $144.00.
Weight of Lathe with 6 ft. bed 825 lbs.

Wood lathes for factory woodworking shops