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Wood levels & the glass in them 0061

It is a somewhat singular fact that notwithstanding the great improvements that have been made in almost all kinds of tools, until the present time one of the most important tools, the Level, has not been materially changed. To be sure, within the past eight or ten years there have been changes in form and style, but the most essential feature, the level tube —or level glass as it is most commonly called —has remained practically the same, and it made no difference whether one bought a common little iron level costing 10 cents, or a handsome rosewood, brass-bound level costing seven or eight dollars, the glasses in all cases were the same light, flimsy things that broke if you looked at them, and were usually inaccurate.
This order of things has been changed, and we are now glad to say that by reason of improved machinery and processes, we can furnish our Proved and Marked, and Ground Level Glasses, also Levels of various styles, with either the Proved or Ground Glasses, at very reasonable prices.

LEVEL GLASSES. All of our Level Glasses are slightly curved, so as to bring the bubble to the center quickly. The bubble in a glass that is absolutely straight is too"lively," and if the Level is moved the least bit, it sends the bubble to the end at once,many admirers, and we sell large quantities of them.

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PROVED LEVEL GLASSES. These are made from fine, white, tough glass; they are about one-half thicker than ordinary level glasses. Each Glass is tested, and by a patented process marked exactly in the center with a distinct black line. The marking is permanent, and cannot be obliterated. One of the best things about these Glasses is the very reasonable price at which they are furnished. The outside diameter of glass is about the same as given in table of Ground Glasses, and we send with each Glass a sufficient quantity of specially prepared plaster to set it.

GROUND LEVEL GLASSES. Ground Level Glasses are superior in all respects. The inside surfaces are ground absolutely smooth and true, and thus the bubble is made extremely sensitive. The bubbles in these Glasses are about again as long as in the ordinary glass. These are marked in the same manner as the Proved glasses, excepting that in the small sizes they have two marks, and in the large sizes four marks as shown in cut. The cost is considerably less than one-half of former prices, and this very low price will enable those who have good Level Stocks to replace the ordinary Glasses at moderate expense.

Wood levels for sale on Ebay. More old tools text follows.

WOOD LEVELS AND PLUMBS. In Figs. 3456 to 3460 we show illustrations to represent clearly the various styles of Wood Levels and Plumbs. All of these have the shallow grooves along both sides, this being a great improvement. The old form of Level is rather hard to handle when one is walking on stagings, or working on the length. frame of a building, and this feature, although a simple one, will prove a convenience.
These Levels and Plumbs are provided with either our Proved, Tested and Marked, or Ground Glasses, as indicated in the description. They are made of the finest wood, thoroughly seasoned and handsomely finished.

Wood levels & the glass in them