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Wood screws, expansion bolts, turnbuckles and other hardware 0114

STEEL DOWEL PINS — BARBED. Although intended to take the place of the Wooden Dowel Pins formerly used for pinning sash blinds and doors, their use may be suggested for many other purposes. We carry them in stock made from No. 8 Steel wire (about Wiz), and If inches long.

WIRE STAPLES AND TACKS. We carry in stock a large variety of Clamp, Basket, Clinch, Bed Spring, and Blind Staples, also Double-pointed Tacks, of which we illustrate a number of styles. Price will be named upon application, stating style, size and quantity required.

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CORRUGATED STEEL FASTENERS. These Fasteners are sold very extensively; they can be used for a great variety of purposes, such as fastening mitre and other joints, also in making boxes, etc.

WOOD SCREWS. Changes in both list and selling prices of Wood Screws are of such frequent occurance, that we deem it inexpedient to print prices. We carry in stock a more than ordinary large line, comprising Flat Head Bright from in. No. 0 to 6 in. No. 24; Flat Head Brass, Round Head Brass, Round Head Blued, and Round Head Nickeled, from in. No. 0 to 3 in. No. 20. rices on any desired style of Screws will be named upon application stating quantity. We can furnish to order Flat and Round Head Screws in Iron, Bright, Blued, Japanned, Tinned, Lacquered, Bronzed, Brass, Copper, Nickel or Silver-plated. Brass Screws Lacquered, Bronzed, Silver and Nickel-plated; also Screws made of Solid Bronze and Phosphor Bronze.

SPECIAL. WOOD SCREWS. The above cuts illustrate quite a variety - of special forms of Wood Screws. These are made to order only, and cannot be furnished in small quantities. Prices will be named upon application giving exact, dimensions and quantity required.

CHURCH'S EXPANSION CASE BOLTS. There are a number of styles of Expansion Bolts on the market, but we believe that the Church Patent is the strongest, simplest, and best bolt of this type. Among other purposes for which Expansion Bolts may be used, are the hanging of Steam and Water Pipes in overhead arches and sidewalls, fastening Iron Railings, Signs, Balconies, Fire Escapes, Guy Wires for Smoke Stacks, Telegraph Poles, etc., for Iron Shutters, Window and Door Frames, fastening down Bed Plates to engines and machinery of all kinds There are endless other uses that will readily suggest themselves to mechanics. This method of fastening does away with the use of lead,, brimstone, cement, and wood plugging. The value of time saved will pay for the use of these Bolts, to say nothing about the gain in strength. The sizes as given in this list are the sizes of iron of which the Bolt is made —not the Case. The length and diameter of Case are given at bottom of table. We can also furnish other sizes when desired.

HEXAGONAL TURN BUCKLE. 0— Opening between heads 5,4 Inches. H— Length of Tapped Heads L.— Length without Bolt Ends. T— Total length over all These Turn Buckles are made from the best charcoal iron, contain 25 per cent more thread in the head than is common, and are stronger than any we know of. The shape admits of their being used with an ordinary wrench, no matter in what position they may be. We can furnish extra lengths to order. Prices upon application stating quantity.

BRASS TURN BUCKLES These small Turn Buckles will be found useful for many purposes. The length given is when screwedup. The movement of screw varies in the different sizes from $ to 2 inches.


Wood screws, expansion bolts, turnbuckles and other hardware