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Our regular stock of Turning Chisels and Gouges is of theWard & Payne brand, and are designated as Extra Long, the one inch tools being a trifle over 11 inches in length, while the length of standard tools is about 10 in. Turning Chisels and Gouges as a rule receive very severe service. If you are not satisfied with the tools you have been using, we would be pleased to have you try these.
This tool is from 8 to 9 in. in length.

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The "Hustler" Chisel is used for cutting in on the square or round, and heading work. By its peculiar shape it will accomplish from 25 to 50 per cent more work than other tools. The Hustler is beveled from top to bottom, and is grooved on top the full length of the blade, with a flange on each side, leaving a lip projecting slightly beyond the edge of the tool; the lips cutting across the grain, while the edge of tool cuts with the grain by the same motion of the hands.

Turning chisels and gouges for sale on Ebay; text continues below.

HUSTLER HEADER. These are adapted for Face Plate work. Like the Hustler, they are tapered from top to bottom to give clearance.
SHAPE TENONER. We recommend our V Shape Tenoner to all Wood Turners.
SCREW TENONER, $2.75. The Screw Tenoner will cut uniform tenons in both hard and soft wood, and is easily adjusted to any sizes up to 14 in. The cutting blade is from 2i to 2$ in. long from shoulder, and $ and ' in. wide, the bottom prong being a little narrower than top blade to give clearance.
A heavy, strong tool, which can be used with ordinary chisel in place of Hustler. Half-inch Hustler is supplied with it; smaller sizes can be used.
TURNERS' SIZER. Small, opening to It in., each, $1.15; Large, opening to 5 in., each,


This is a handy tool for making round rods of wood, for pins, dowels, or any other purpose. It can be used by hold-ing it in the hand, or can be fastened in a Slide Rest; has interchangeable bushings, suitable for sizes +, 4, and in. diam.
Price, complete with bushings and chucks for holding work, $3.00. Chuck for pointing rod, $1.00 extra.
In covering up nail heads on finished work it has usually been the practice to fill the hole with either putty or wax. With this tool the work can be done in a simple way, leaving the job in good condition. It is operated by slipping the Chisel in the wood, thus raising a small chip. A brad or light nail is then driven in, the bottom of the chip touched with glue and pressed back into place, leaving the wood apparently in its natural condition.
One size, + in. wide, price, $0.55; postage, if sent by mail, $0.05.
This little tool is used in connection with a $ inch chisel for the same purpose as the Chip Nailing Chisel
Attach to a + in. Chisel (with beveled edge up) and a shaving of any desired thickness can be raised, for blind-nailing or for inlaying wood strips in ornamental surface work. Chisel is not included in price.

Wood Turning Tools - Ward & Payne