Wood Workers’ Vises 0009

The Quick-Acting Wood Workers' Vise is of comparatively recent origin. We illustrate several styles, stating some of the advantages. What we have written need not be repeated here.
The first thing in buying is to find out what there is in the market, and this we proceed to do. We find that there are eighteen different styles (see next page). We have on hand four out of the eighteen. There are five others that we have sold and used and know all about. The remaining nine we know practically nothing of, and so send to the manufacturers for samples (two are made in England, one in France, and one in Germany). After a thorough examination, we divide them into two groups. In the first we place such as are, in our judgment, superior in principles of construction and workmanship. From this group we select the three that are the best (without reference to price). Each of these has a point or two of minor advantage over the other.

If prices are alike, there really will be no choice, but we find that one is nearly 20 per cent lower in price than either of the others. In this particularcase the reason for the lower price lies in a simpler construction, which in no way sacrifices any of the essential features.
This, then is the Vise selected.

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Now, we take up the second group. We would rather sell the best Vises, but prices —and other conditions as well —have to be considered. In this group we find some that are excellent in principles of construction, but the workmanship does not compare favorably with those in the first group. The parts instead of being machined and well fitted, are in most cases ground, or roughly filed. We might, however, say— in passing —that almost any of these in the second group are preferable to the ordinary wood or iron screw bench Vise. Of course, all the manufacturers claim their goods to be first-class, and in come cases the prices are quite as high as those asked for the first-class Vises. All things considered, the Norbourn Vise is our choice for second place.

Wood Workers' Vises