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Woodworking tools from the 1897 Charles Strelinger catalog 0006

In issuing this catalogue, we cancel all prices and lists given in previous catalogues of Wood Workers' Tools. Any and all discounts heretofore quoted from list prices in former catalogues are cancelled.
All prices and discounts are subject to change without notice.

SUBSTITUTION.We seldom substitute other articles for those ordered. There are times when, in our judgment, it seems best to do this. If for any reason, we send other goods than those called for, it is distinctly understood that the change or substitution is at our own risk, and that we will pay all expense of changing if the goods thus substituted are not satisfactory.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

SAME AS LAST Please do not order goods Same as last . In fact, as far as possible, reference to former letters or orders should be avoided. We receive so many, that compliance with a request of this kind involves much trouble and loss of time. Every letter should be explicit and complete in itself.
Itemize and specify articles as clearly and distinctly as possible. Orders are sometimes delayed for days, because customers fail to specify plainly what they want. It also assists us greatly in getting out orders, if a plain, straight list of the goods wanted accompanies order. We receive many orders in which customers name two or three items wanted, then ask a question or two, then a few more items, and then questions, and so on.
We have, in a number of places throughout this book, stated our willingness to be of service to our customers and would-be customers. Our efforts in this direction are often hindered by reason of the meagre details furnished us to advise in a general way, but we cannot always know the conditions that obtain, with different users, and this in many cases has everything to do with the proper selection of a tool or machine.
If you know all about it, there is no need of asking us; but if you don't, and want us to try and help you, why, tell enough to enable us to judge intelligently.
Many of our customers requiring tools and other goods, from time to time, find it inconvenient and annoying to have to procure Post Office or Ex-press Money Orders, or to Register Letters, besides being quite an expense when the orders are frequent. Customers may save themselves trouble and expense by taking advantage of our DEPOSIT ACCOUNT system. Any amount ( not less than $5.00) may be deposited with us, and this amount will be placed to the account opened in the name of the customer. Orders will be executed to the extent of the amount standing to the customer's credit, and a fresh deposit may be made when the credit is exhausted. Interest at the rate of 5 per cent per annum will be allowed upon the monthly balance of such deposits.
Statement of account will be rendered when desired, and any balance remaining with us will be returned immediately when applied for.

We have, in another portion of this catalogue, expressed our opinion in regard to testimonial letters, and did not expect to print any, but the letter reproduced here is so much out of the commen, that we trust we may be forgiven for slightly overstepping the bounds of modesty.
NOS. 101 & 103 CONTI STREET,
Jan 14th, 1897, CHAS. A. STRELINGER & CO.,
Detroit, Mich.
Dear Sirs:--Desiring some goods Li your line, and having never traded with your house, we made inquiries of the Buchel Machine Works, of this city
whom we knew were customers of yours, We enclose you their unique and doe - dedly complimentary letter in reply to our inquiry.
We thought you might enjoy this. You will hear from us later on in r gard to the goods we require.
Yours truly,
In your reply please quote this number 1401
January 11th, 1897.
The McArdle & Sinclair Mfg. Co. City.

Gentlemen:- Your esteemed favor of even date, in which you make inquiry about Messrs. Chas. A. Strelinger & Co., is at hand.
It gives us pleasure to say that we have been doing business with this firm for the past nine years, and have found them uniformly courteous, prompt and conscientious to an unusual degree.
We do not hesitate to say that they are the most up-to-date Tool, Supply and Machinery dealers in this country. They rank among the very few that thoroughly understand the size, shape, qualit:: and use of the goods they sell, and who apply plenty of Common
Sense as a lubricant to their business. In fact, we have good reasons for believing that they make a study of their business in a man ner that does not permit of classifying them as mere buyers and sellers.
Just get, a copy of their Encyclopedia, improperly called A 800k of Tools, and be convinced that they are over fifteen years each and know the difference between a twist drill and a keg of nails.
We cannot say were for want of space, and beg to remain,

Very Respectfully,
The Buchel Machine Works.

Woodworking tools from the 1897 Charles Strelinger catalog.