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Work benches, carvers benches, cabinet makers benches 0095

MECHANICS' AND AMATEURS' WORK BENCHES. We show here a very complete line of Work Benches for Cabinet makers, Carvers, Amateurs, etc. These Benches are all made in first-class style, glued-up hard maple tops, with legs also of maple. They are all put together with joint bolts, and can be easily taken apart and crated for removal or shipment.

BENCH. Over one thousand of these have been sold to the different furniture manufacturers in Grand Rapids, Mich. No doubt that furniture manufacturers have excellent facilities for making their own benches if they choose, but by reason of making them in large quantities, the makers of these Benches can furnish them at a less price than they can be made for in small lots. Editor's NOTE:These were the factories which supplied the furniture sold by Stickley & others in the Arts and Crafts Style.

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The Cabinet-makers' Bench, Fig. 1807, is the style most commonly used. The regular Bench, No. 1, is 25 in. wide ( with 14 in. maple top ), 6+ ft. long, and 34 in. high. Above Benches have 2k in tops, and 21x31 in. legs.

The Cabinet-makers' Double Bench, Fig. 1808, is designed for use in factories where space is limited. Is well adapted for large work is 17 ft. long, 37 in. wide, with 11 in. pine center in top. Frame is put together with joint bolts instead of wooden keys, as shown in cut.

The Carvers' Bench, Fig. 1809, is 5+ ft. long.

The Amateur Bench, Fig. 1810, was especially designed for use in manual training schools, and we sell a great many of them for gentlemens' and youths' home use. Is strong
and well made; width 20 in., with 13 in. glued-up maple top; length 4+ ft. We sell more of these without the drawers and cupboard than with.

AMATEUR OR HOUSE BENCH. EXTRA HEAVY BENCHES —We think that these Benches are heavy enough for any use, but an occasional customer wants a heavier Bench. Can furnish Fig. 1807 in all sizes, with top 3k in. thick and 28 in. wide, and legs 3f x3l in., at $3.00 extra. Weighs about 100 lbs. more

QUICK ACTION VISES —Can furnish Benches with Vises as in Figs. 3782 to 3786. For price deduct $1.25 for each Vise, and add price of the Vise selected.

WESTON BENCH STOP. This is an old favorite; it is operated by thumb and finger on the top of the bench, and does not require a hammer or screw driver. Is altogether the most convenient form. The only criticism we have is that the manufacturer does not make it nicely enough.

DOUBLE BENCH HOOK. This is in general style the same as the Weston, but better made and fitted; is very easy of adjustment, either one or both hooks can be used at one time. One of its advantages is that a short, broad board can be worked without the necessity of using a tail dog. The construction of this Tail Screw is such that it can be attached to any bench ready for use in ten minutes. This device is in use in many of the leading furniture factories and planing mills in all parts of the country. The carriage has a 9 inch movement back and forth in frame; the tooth plate can be raised to any desired height up to 2 inches, or made flush with bench top. It can be used for all ordinary lengths, widths or thicknesses of stuff ; is well made, nicely finished and nickel plated.

NO. 2 BENCH STOP. In this Stop the working plate is square, one set of teeth fine, the other coarse. The spindle and plate are of steel, the body of malleable iron. It is very durable and useful.

PLATE BENCH STOP. This is a cheap, substantial Stop, easily adjusted on a bench or board. Can be carried about in the tool box to use on odd jobs.
GERMAN PATTERN TAIL SCREW AND BENCH DOG. This style is sold in limited numbers; The advantage of a first-class Tail they are made of steel throughout, and Screw to a workbench is apparent, and . come in pairs.

Work benches, carvers benches, cabinet makers benches