Yale locks, Brass locks, specialty locks. 0186_f

HEAVY CHEST. CUPBOARD LOCK. CHEST LOCK. UNIVERSITY DRAWER AND CUPBOARD LOCK. Is especially adapted for locker or closet doors. In drawer locks the bolt projects inch; in cupboard, 1 inch. Can be furnished to order with bolt of any required
Cup board. Drawer. Wood. Each. Doz. These locks Master Keyed cost $2.00 per dozen extra.

PLAIN CYLINDER LOCKS. These Locks are also made by Yale & Towne, having plain cylinders and a different style of key. They are secure, and well adapted to many classes of work. Like the locks before mentioned, they are all brass.

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COMBINATION LOCKS. We sell a great many Combination Locks. These are very secure, and save the annoyance of carrying a key. Combination can be changed without removing lock.

COMBINATION SPRING DRAWER OR CUPBOARD LOCK. No. 181. Size 21, all brass, heavy. Each, $1.35; dozen,

COMBINATION CHEST LOCK. No. 189 ; size 3x24, all brass, heavy. Each, $1.75; dozen, $18.00; postage, 15 cents.

CHAMPION CASH OR DEED BOXES. These Boxes are extra heavy, well finished, and provided with Combination Lock. The measurements given are inside.

LOCKS AND LATCHES. The Yale Locks shown here are the latest improved pattern, with German Silver Yale Paracentric Keys. They are without a doubt, the best goods of this class now on the market. Any of these locks can be furnished with extra keys, and Pass or Master keys.

RIM NIGHT LATCH. Size, 2k x 3y, three keys. If re-versed bevel is wanted, it must be stated in order.

MORTISE NIGHT LATCH. No. 6, $2 50; operated from without by key, and from within by small bronze knob.

STORE DOOR LOCK. No. 12, $2.75 ; 4x2i inches. No. 4, $3.25; 5x3 inches.

Yale locks, Brass locks, specialty locks.