Yale Locks were a known brand in 1897 0185_f

TRACK FOR NOS. 1, 2, 3 AND 4 LADDERS. Prices include Rail for bottom, and Guide Pole for top, complete with all necessary Brackets, Screws, Pole Ends, etc., finished ready to be put up with a screw driver. Bronzed Steel Rail, with Black Japanned Brackets, 32 ets. per ft. Nickel plated Rail with Nickel plated Brackets, 42 ets. per ft.

NO. 5 LADDERS AND TRACK.This style is shown in Fig. 5256. Yellow Hard Pine Ladders, Japanned Mountings, $10.00. Oak Ladders, with Fancy Openwork Sides, Japanned Mountings, $14.00. Double Steel Track with Wood Centers, complete with Hangers, Screws, etc , 32 ets. per ft. Wood Ceiling Strip, 7 ets. per ft. We might suggest that any suitable strip of wood, 5 in. wide, will answer the purpose, and can usually be supplied by customer, and save freight charges. For No. 5 Ladders, give the height of ceiling and length of Track wanted.

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TROLLEY LADDER FIXTURES AND TRACK. We show here a style of Track and Fixture suitable for Ladders of form shown in Fig. 5256. We sell these Fixtures separately, the Ladder to be furnished by the user. A set of Fixtures consists of one steel Ladder Crescent, with 2 Ball Bearing Trolleys attached, 2 Roller Bearing Wheels for bottom of Ladder, and 1 pair Angle Irons. Price for Fixtures complete, $5.00. Steel Trolley Track for the above, complete, 24 cts. per ft.

DUMB WAITERS AND ELEVATORS.We handle what we believe to be the most complete and perfect line, now manufactured, of Dumb Waiters, Dumb Waiter Fixtures, Hand Elevators, Carriage and Warehouse Elevators, Hatchway and Out Rigger Hoists, and Sidewalk Hoists. Can furnish Dumb Waiter Fixtures from $10.00 upwards, and Dumb Waiters, complete, from $26.00 upwards. Hand Elevator Fixtures from $35.00, and Hand Elevators, complete, from $75.00. To those interested we will be pleased to send our 24 page Elevator catalogue, which is fully illustrated and descriptive.

DUMB WAITER. The cut shows one style. We have six other styles and over thirty sizes.

SHELF HARDWARE. Although we have not mentioned the fact elsewhere in this catalogue, we carry a very complete line of Shelf Hardware. The subject of Shelf hardware is a broad one, and we do not mean to go into it here any more than to show a small but choice line of Locks, and two or three other items.

We are impelled to show these goods for the reason, that it is difficult to find in most places anything like a complete line of high grade goods. We have in past years furnished a great many goods of this class to manufacturers, institutions and clubs. In this connection we might say, that we will be pleased to furnish any information in our power in regard to any kind of goods in this class.

YALE LOCKS. The Locks shown here are the celebrated Yale Locks, of the latest improved varieties, with the German Silver Yale Paracentric Keys. No two locks alike ( unless specially ordered).

CUPBOARD LOCK. Size 2x1 for either , or 1) in. thick wood. Ea., $81.10; doz., $11.00; postage, 6 cents. Same as above, but with Spring Bolt. Each, $1.35; per doz., $13.50.

DRAWER LOCK. Size 1'x2}, for either - or H in.wood. Each, $0.90; doz., $9.00.
We have the above style of Lock in smaller size, 1q x2 in. Each, $0.75; per doz., $7.50. This is one of the most popular Locks we have.

SPRING DRAWER LOCK. Same as Fig. 1951). Each, $1.00; doz., $10.50.
No. 541, DESK AND CHEST. Size 1Hx2+, for either - or Z. wood. Each, $1.10; doz., $11.00.
NO. 5241, CHEST AND DESK. Size 14x3, for I and i wood. Each, $1.20; per doz., $12.00.

MASTER AND PAS KEY WORK. In many places where large numbers of locks are used, it is desirable to have either Pass or Master Keyed Locks. By Pass-Keyed Locks is meant that the keys are all alike; this saves carrying about a heavy bunch of keys.

Master Keyed Locks are locks that are arranged in sets of any given number, all of the locks being different, and having keys of their own, the set being furnished with one or more master keys that will open any of the locks. Following is the system as used in our factory : The different foremen in the Machine, Casting, Tool Room, Engine, Draughting, Pattern Making, and other departments, have keys of the various locks used in their departments. The superintendent, officers and watchman carry two or three Master Keys, fitting ractically every lock in the building.

Yale Locks were a known brand in 1897